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2009-03-21 21:57:16 by GeniusPivot

Hello everyone! This is GeniusPivot!

Since this is my first account post, I thought I would tell a little about myself and Flash.

I'm new to the Flash biz. I've only made one Flash( that could be called a flash movie) so far.
I used Pivot, before, but I got bored with it. Flash really let's you expand your imagimation :)
I really want to become a good animator! My goal is to make a flash that gets front-page!
I'm VERY tech-smart for my age (btw I'm 12)! I probobly know the most about computers in my grade!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Smell ya later!


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2009-03-22 00:14:41

that's the exact same thing with me I'm 12 and i can practically disassemble a TV and make it work again. i would buy flash if i could afford it

GeniusPivot responds:

You don't have to buy Flash. You can get it online for free. That's what I did. Just go to Youtube and type in "how to get flash free", or something.


2009-04-02 20:08:12



2009-04-08 10:02:39

nice finaly got a newgrounds account i might upload a few vids