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2009-06-22 21:11:01 by GeniusPivot


duhn duhn DUHHHHHHNNN!!!

2009-06-14 10:28:09 by GeniusPivot

ok, screw EVERTHING I said in my last post.
I am making a new flash movie, called "Super Random Time"!
It is, as impied, very random.
This time, I will have a preloader and (maybe) an easter egg!
Let's hope this turns out for the better!


2009-04-26 18:29:31 by GeniusPivot

Well I thought I might as well post what I'm doing and will do.

Working on: Don't Push Me!: Remake
The reason why I'm making a remake is because the first one had some problems in it.
There will be sound in this one. And different dialog stuff. One other thing I'm trying to put into it: scene-transfering buttons. In other words, a play button(and an easter egg ;). But, don't count on it. I'm having some more problems.

Future work: If I can get the necissary tools, pictures, and experience, than I know what I'm going to do.
"Charles the Pegasus"
Yes, a CtU parody. I got the idea while taking a shower in San Diego (California). I have many ideas for it, but DPM!:R comes first.

p.s. sorry for using abrieviations :P

p.s.s. I don't like working <:P

p.s.s.s Interrobang %u203D

First Post

2009-03-21 21:57:16 by GeniusPivot

Hello everyone! This is GeniusPivot!

Since this is my first account post, I thought I would tell a little about myself and Flash.

I'm new to the Flash biz. I've only made one Flash( that could be called a flash movie) so far.
I used Pivot, before, but I got bored with it. Flash really let's you expand your imagimation :)
I really want to become a good animator! My goal is to make a flash that gets front-page!
I'm VERY tech-smart for my age (btw I'm 12)! I probobly know the most about computers in my grade!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Smell ya later!